Sunday, November 21, 2010


We here at BIRDBRAIN were invited to participate in SALTGRASS PRINTMAKERS annual fundraiser. This year, they're doing Tibetan prayer flags, screenprinted with designs from a ton of local artists.

BIRDBRAIN has used this event as an excuse to finally set up our screenprinting studio! Our office and studio space is less than 100 sq. feet (it's our living room) and has to serve a lot of purposes. We're always having to find new and creative ways to be economical with our space, and we're pretty proud of our screenprinting studio solutions.

Here are some photos of the set up, and our freshly printed prayer flags!

Our designs for the Tibetan prayer flags

Laura at the screenprinting table (her drafting table)

Max's turn, placing a prayer flag beneath the screen

We installed a zig-zagging print drying clothesline on the ceiling of our studio/living room. Here is a victory shot of our flags, hung out to dry.


With the success of our screenprinting set up, we're finally ready to start printing clothing! Here's Laura's prayer flag design on a T-Shirt.

This cat is a Momma's Boy!

Check out Max and Laura's blogs for images of our individual designs, and stay tuned for more from BIRDBRAIN PRESS!

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